World Doula Week Challenge. Day 2. or my biggest inspiration at work.

me with Debra

Day 2. Post a photo of yourself with a doula that made a difference in your life.

On this photo I am holding a book “Orgasmic Birth”. The co-author of this book is Debra Pascali-Bonaro, an award-winning documentarian, a famous DONA international doula trainer and international speaker in maternity care. I did not have a chance to meet her in person yet, but she have been my inspiration since I ever discovered this book and her documentary “Orgasmic Birth” in the year 2010. She shifted my perspective on birth in a beautiful way I’d like every woman to know. Birth is a beautiful unique experience for each woman. It doesn’t have to be something one is afraid of. Quite the opposite, it can be a joyful celebration of life full of moments of pleasure and even ecstatic!

Since then I have been talking with women about possibility to experience pleasure in birth. Last year I had an honor to receive a full scholarship for Debra’s Pain-to-Power online childbirth class, where Debra and I interacted via multiple messages and even talked by phone. I think she will remember me as a student that asked more questions than anyone, so eager I was to learn. It’s while being in her class I made a decision to become a doula and create my own little project named You may read more in detail how I decided to start this project in my very first blog post here.

This year Debra created a special Orgasmic Birth Doulas (OBD’s) facebook group. I’m so happy to be a part of this team of like-minded women dedicated to advocating the transformative journey from “Pain to Pleasure”, and to be able to share my experiences with them as well as to deepen my knowledge even more. You may ask what it means to be part of the orgasmic birth doulas team? It means that I am sensitive to techniques that can optimize a women’s sensual birthing journey. Having the general understanding that not everyone intending an Orgasmic Birth will obtain one, I have the skills necessary to help you shift the perspective on pain and what it means to feel it.

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March 24, 2017

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