What is Ecstatic Birth?

What is Ecstatic Birth?“So what I would love to do is to begin today by talking about what is an ecstatic birth. What does that even mean? On the most basic level, an ecstatic birth is a childbirth experience that is full of ecstasy. Ecstasy is a feeling of overwhelming bliss, overwhelming pleasure, and it has a lot of different components to it: it can be physical ecstasy, physical pleasure; it can be mental, it can be spiritual as well. So, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, all of these different components are part of ecstasy. An ecstatic birth can be any or all of these. Someone can have an ecstatic birth that is deeply pleasurable and fulfilling on a spiritual level or deeply fulfilling on a physical level.

So one thing an ecstatic birth is not: an ecstatic birth does not mean having an easy birth. It can be an easy birth but it does not necessarily mean easy. What I would like you to do is just think about for a moment those times in your life you were the highest—those moments that you were highest in your life. I bet a lot of those moments did not come easy, but you found a lot of pleasure in the journey or in the achievements. It’s similar in birth.

An ecstatic birth the way I envision it, is one in which a woman walks away with a deep sense of awe, respect and pleasure for her body, for her experience and for her life. So, is this what you see in the movies? Not really. For most women the idea of an ecstatic birth sounds like an oxymoron. If it feels that way to you do not worry, you’re not alone; you’re here. Congratulations on coming and being willing to try something different.”

You just read an extract from a speech of my amazing teacher Sheila Kamara Hay, who started the Ecstatic Birth movement in 2011. This speech became an introduction to her Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions that contain 21 interviews with leaders and visionaries in female health, sexuality and childbirth. Last year I translated this speech into Russian and this year I plan to have it translated into Spanish! Subscribe to my mail list to be the first to know when it is available in Spanish.

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