Unexpected Birth on June 25th

Yesterday at 22.53 a new baby boy entered into this world! It was a pleasure to accompany this couple on their journey as their doula… The most surprising birth in my practice coz the first time we met in person Yana was already in active labor at the hospital! We talked about possibility to meet for a while but her doctor didn’t want to see a doula at her birth and also suggested a planned c-section… She followed my suggestion and contacted another doctor that welcomes doulas and natural birth…

the family I was accompanying as a doula Her scheduled appointment with this doctor was supposed to happen this morning but the baby decided to come out yesterday… So as she started feeling first signs of labor she called both her new doctor and me asking if we would come in case she is in labor at night… and here we go… no time for prenatal meetings or even signing a contract until much later…  Beautiful, powerful, natural birth! The happiness in the air was palpable…  So grateful for life and for the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful experience!

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