Testimonials of the Clients that I consulted online.

Anna KanninenSixth Birth – Ecstatic Birth!

“I took Ecstatic Birth Preparation Sessions with Katerina Morin while preparing for the birth of my 6th child. The tools she gave me during those sessions, as well as Nonviolent Communication (NVC) skills I acquired by attending Katerina’s virtual NVC course, gave me emotional freedom I did not expect, confidence in trusting my body, and even helped me heal myself from previous birth trauma. Moreover, a meditation she created for my birth was divine beyond words. It allowed me to keep my attention on pleasure, stay in a deep trance, and forget about the pain.”

~ Anna Kanninen, Finland

Irina ZhurohkovskayaReturn to Exclusive Breastfeeding of Twins.

“Katerina helped me remotely. At that time, my twins were already born, and I very much regretted that I had entrusted such an important matter entirely and completely to the official medicine. Katerina helped me with advice, articles, deep understanding of the issue and, what is the most interesting, the doctors in my country said, “Oh, how do you know about this? We don’t practice this YET.” With Katerina’s recommendations, we fixed my breastfeeding problems, returned so needed volumes of milk, and completely abandoned formula. This experience completely refuted my opinion that doula is something from the category of folk-medicine. If I have such an opportunity again, I will definitely invite a doula for my next birth. Katerina, thank you very much! What you are doing is so much needed in this world!”

~ Irina Zhurohkovskaya, Ukraine

Seline van der Linden 
First Birth.

“My experience with Katarina in the preparations for my birth has been beautiful. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be present at my birth but she tried to prepare us as well as possible. We met up and spent several hours talking about birth and practicing different techniques I and my husband could use to support me in labor. Her attention was so focussed and wonderful. Everything we learned with her turned out to be very helpful.”

~ Seline van der Linden, Switzerland


Ksenia TimofeevaFirst Birth.

“Katerina consulted me via Skype. In just very few online meetings I learned about the entire process of childbirth and possible birth scenarios. This knowledge helped me to finally sort out a little scattered information I had at that time. I was preparing for my first birth, and of course, I was afraid and unsure about my capacity to do it. But after working with Katerina, I came to childbirth with confidence that everything would work out and there was no trace of fear! Although the birth did not go according to the plan, my wonderful baby was born with a minimum of interventions and was very healthy. I want to say a huge thank you to Katerina for her help and support!”

~ Ksenia Timofeeva, Russia