Sex after Baby

Sexuality is a vital part of life. A true deep connection with it realigns us with our spirit, it heals us on every possible level, it evokes creative energy and makes us unstoppable in making our dreams a reality. Tapping into our sexuality in birth creates an amazing and powerful entry for a human being into this world. Every year since I ever started my journey as an Orgasmic/Ecstatic Birth movement activist (2011), I discover more and more layers of the sacred and powerful knowledge that defies the most common myths of sexuality.

This year as I stood on a path to become a holistic sex coach (graduation expected in 2021), I was invited by my other mentor, world-known doula and birth educator Debra Pascali-Bonaro, the Orgasmic Birth film director and the co-author of the Orgasmic Birth book, to contribute some of my wisdom to her new book The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Baby: Secrets to Love and Intimacy. Below, you can find a little extract from the book with a full quote published with the permission of the author, a quote that some of you asked me to publish for a long time:

“Sexuality is too important to you and your relationship. Don’t let sex take a backseat to the rest of your life. Treat your sexuality as important as any other areas of your life and maybe even more! I started a Whatsapp group of Orgasmic Birth doulas to talk about the sexuality of childbirth and when I asked them for their words of wisdom about parenting and sex, Katerina Morin, Ecstatic Birth Educator, wrote:

The cover of The Ultimate Guide to Sex after BabySo many people stay in a sexless relationship, playing a blaming game or seeking a romance outside of marriage. Those who divorce are daring souls who make a conscious decision wishing happiness to themselves and their partners. I wish they knew there are many ways to rekindle the spark again. Sometimes the walls between the partners grow unnoticed. People may have an illusion that they are most caring and honest for each other, and at the same time be afraid to talk about their ultimate truth. They may have sex without desiring it in fear of disappointing their partner. Or they may be scared to tell their partner about their ultimate fantasy. The real treasure of love can be rediscovered through radical honesty and vulnerability with each other. When people get married, most of them have little education about sex. Cervical orgasm, female ejaculation, multi orgasms in men, orgasms without ejaculation, extended and expended orgasm are among the fascinating topics people rarely hear about. Learning and practicing these new skills with your partner, either before or after having a baby, can create a strong bond between you, and make your relationship fun and thrilling for a lifetime.”

I also highly recommend buying and reading the book The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Baby (at the moment available only in Kindle edition). It is full of inspiring notes and advice both from experts and experienced parents that may bring your sex life to another level whether you are pregnant or not.

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September 1, 2020

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