Ecstatic Birth Preparation Sessions

You LOVE the idea to be able to birth your baby in pleasure, you are sure this path is for YOU, and you are ready to dive in the Ecstatic Birth preparation with your heart and soul? I’ll be honored to work with you to help you to create your dream birth!

Ecstatic Birth Preparation Sessions are private, and custom tailored for you and your desires.

Among possible topics for our sessions could be:

  • Birth physiology and how using pleasure as a birth tool helps us to birth
  • What augments pain in labor and how to minimize it
  • How to integrate pleasure into a home or hospital birth
  • How to prepare for different birth scenarios with pleasure in mind to minimize possibilities for birth traumatization (birth plan creation)
  • How to put together a birth support team of your dream
  • How to address your specific fears and considerations in order to consciously create a birth that you can enjoy
  • What to consider in preparing for an ecstatic birth
  • How to birth from an empowered stance
  • How to integrate your partner into ecstatic birth preparation
  • How to use sensuality to fuel your birth
  • How to expand your possibility of experiencing an orgasmic birth
  • How to prepare for ecstatic postpartum

My standard package for Ecstatic Birth Preparation includes:

5 online meetings using Zoom video conference software, 2 hours each + 1 postpartum online meeting. Limited time offer for my first 5 clients – USD $300, the payment can be done in Quetzales or other currency of your preference.

Standard package also includes a serie of bonuses:

  • Video recordings of every session.
  • Audio recordings of 10 meditations we will use to increase our capacity to experience pleasure
  • Support via email between the sessions
  • Any additional materials and resources you will show up an interest in during the sessions.
  • Extra long personalized meditation for your birth, considering your personality, preferences and desires (upon request).

I’m also open for a single online consultation for women or couples that would like some help with navigating their personal situation in preparation for ecstatic birth, for the price USD $30 an hour (the payment can be done in Quetzales or other currency of your preference)

I start working with you by having a short conversation to allow me to learn a little bit about your situation, your level of birth preparation at the moment, your expectations and desires. Based on the information given to me, In the end of this conversation I will make suggestions as about what we could work on during the sessions. If you like my offer, together will agree on a plan we will work on and sign the contract.

I work with only 2 women/couples at a time. So, if you are interested, please, email me to to book your first free online consultation with me and let me know if you have any questions.