My first pack of Guatemalan rebozos is for sale in Russia!

Katerina with a pile of rebozosToday I sent my first pack of rebozos for sale in Russia. For those who doesn’t know what a rebozo is – it is a very long shawl traditionally made in Latin American countries. It is frequently used by mothers to carry babies and toddlers and also used by birth doulas as an amazing graceful tool that helps birthing women to relax and enjoy labor. I’m going to tell you how it is used and how it is made in detail in my future posts. I love the warms of Guatemalan people and a colorful textile produced here. If you know what rebozos are and would like to bring them for sale in your country, please contact me at, and we will discuss the details. See more pictures below.

rebozos: different styles and colors

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January 8, 2019


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