I put my rebozo project on pause

pause on rebozoI was hesitant to write this post for a while although the decision has been made already a month ago: I put my rebozo project on pause for unknown period of time. I don’t know when I will be able to come back to it, but I can’t do it right now.

To be honest, I was surprised by the number of the requests I received about my rebozos from all over the World after only one post stating I sold my first portion of rebozos. I received requests from the U.S., Australia, and lots from Russia. I even received 2 requests today! I was inspired by this global response, and started figuring out the details, learning about nuances, forming prices… I even created a catalog with nearly 300 types of fabric! The problem was that right in that moment I started feeling burn out… Suddenly those things that I imagined were supposed to be easy turned out to be a full time job! And that’s on top of my work with doula clients and my invisible creative work in making my educational programs related to Ecstatic Birth and Nonviolent Communication. Suddenly my fabric supplier delivered my latest order in a horrible condition, so I lost trust in him and started looking for new ones. It turned out that different suppliers sell different quality fabric and I needed to figure out what that meant. Then I needed to search for artisanal workers that could do quality fringes, because some suppliers didn’t offer the option to have it done on the spot. But the worst news came from the postal company I was planning to use. It announced that it can only ship to the company addresses in Russia. However, most of my buyers are self-employed. Would that count? Nobody could answer this question and couldn’t provide me a documentation that would clarify me the situation and erase my doubts. I also got the news that my buyers in the U.S. might need to pay a tax related to cotton import. All of it left a lot of uncertainty.

I realized that international shipping process is deeply connected to politics and custom rules that may change from year to year. All of it raised a lot of frustration inside of me and threw a shadow on everything I did… Oh, it was painful to make this decision to put rebozo project on pause! I experienced a deep sadness. I love working with fabric, they are so beautiful but fabric, no matter how beautiful it is, is still only fabric… and this is not the main thing I’d like to leave behind me in this world. I made this decision to put my rebozo project on pause, so I could focus on the projects that in my opinion may bring a bigger impact to people’s lives. Therefore I will keep working on two projects only: ecstatic birth mini-course and coaching in nonviolent communication style. Working on these projects brings me back to the pleasure flow in my body and gives me energy daily!

It is possible that when these 2 projects will have a success, I will be able to come back to rebozo project. However, for the moment I consider selling rebozos only during my personal trips outside of Guatemala. If you would like to buy rebozos from me some time in the future, you can still leave me your email. I will keep it in my database of potential clients and will write you when I’m planning to travel to your destination or when I’m ready to ship internationally again. Thank you for your attention and understanding.

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