Personalized Meditation for Ecstatic Birth

A few weeks ago, Anna Kanninen, one of my clients from Finland with whom I worked remotely, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. For this beautiful mama of 5, waiting for her number 6, I did something that I have not done for any of my clients before – I created a personalized meditation in preparation for her Ecstatic Birth! I can’t express what an ecstasy I felt just creating it for her. I knitted it from Anna’s fantasies, sensual preferences, desires, spicing it up with ideas related to her newly acquired skills for accessing pleasure from within, skills she discovered while doing some somatic practices with me during our Ecstatic Birth Preparation Sessions. Here is her reaction as she received her meditation:

Anna Kanninen

“Ekaterina, what you have done for me is huge! I can’t express enough my delight about this meditation with mantras… It is infinitely cool… tender… intimate… sacred… It is like a dress that you are fantasizing about in your head and suddenly get it as a gift and it fits you perfectly! This meditation is so tender and sensuous… It is a dream come true! I don’t just like it, I FELL in LOVE with it! Thank you so much! It is a real treat!” 

It says it all! Moreover, I felt sooo euphoric while working on this masterpiece, putting together everything we discussed with her in a story with special sound effects and music, that I want to do it again and for every client I will have ever since! It means that Personalized Meditation became part of my standard package for Ecstatic Birth Preparation Sessions! Would you like to have a meditation like that for yourself? What would your dream meditation for birth include?

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