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Invitation to Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training

Dear Birth Practitioner!

If you are intrigued by the idea of helping women in creating an Ecstatic Birth experience, birth experience they will want to remember every day of their life as they enjoyed it so thoroughly because of YOU, I highly recommend you to start your journey by taking Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training created by Sheila Kamara Hay. It is a training I graduated from in 2017 myself, and repeating it every year while (for free – yes, you can too!) integrating the knowledge every time deeper and connecting with more awesome practitioners around the world. This training will transform your perspective, your connection to your body, bring you into a sisterhood with other practitioners around the world and give you a lot of pleasure!

Incorporating body exercises that I learned in Sheila’s training into my routine with my clients helped me to see how being in the body is an important component of ecstatic birth preparations. I started to feel a sparkle in my eyes and feeling more joyful, by giving my clients multiple points of reference for pleasure they could experience here and now and bring into the birth room.

Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training is a 9 month training + 3 months of support to help you fully stand in your Embodied Leadership! It includes online lessons, downloadable materials, body practices, live calls, private community for communication with awesome practitioners like yourself and much more.

Sounds interesting? Just before you jump in reading about its curriculum I’d like you to know one more thing. This year you can receive 20% discount for Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training + 4 hours of extra coaching with me, if you purchase it through my affiliate link. Moreover, if you don’t want my coaching you can give it as a gift to your friend!

What my coaching may include and bring you, you can read here.

If you give these hours to a pregnant friend, my coaching can actually include Ecstatic Birth Preparation Sessions.

To learn more about Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training click here.

If you want to receive my 4 hours of coaching and 20% discount, use coupon “coach” at the check out! Hurry up as the training starts already in 2 days on June 11th!!

If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by commenting below or sending me a private message! Looking forward to seeing you on another side!!

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