Let’s talk about our future – come to Instagram Live on January 21st

Dear friends and colleagues, I would like to invite you to an Instagram Live (time and place are in the image) where my husband Dan and I are going to tell you about our new project Mariposa, an eco-city that we want to build in Honduras. You will hear about the most innovational Special Economic zones in the world and about the most interesting innovations that could make a living tenfold better if realized all in the same place. We will talk about the Nobel Prize winner in Economics Elinor Ostrom and how her ideas support our innovative polycentric system of governance. What type of practices encourage eco-living and wise land usage. What kind of city tax system enhance economic growth. What is the link between ecology and our health, and how this knowledge may influence the future of medicine and the food industry? How to create a culture of effective conflict resolution and Ecstatic Birth culture? I will also talk about the future of my Birth with Pleasure blog that is going to be on pause for a while. The scope of the Mariposa project is enormous, we will touch on a wide variety of subjects, and we will have only 1 hour to talk about them. During that hour we will try to give you a maximum of information and interesting ideas to think about, ideas you will hopefully use to bring more ecological solutions into your community or find an inspiration to join our team. We will be happy if any of our ideas will be used to create more eco-cities like ours around the world. We are looking forward to hearing your questions and comments. Don’t forget to put the date and time of this Instagram Live into your calendar and set up a reminder. We can’t wait to talk to you soon!

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