I am back.

Ekaterina BaranovaHi! I know I was not very active in social networks. I came from my trip to Canada about a month ago. This trip was long. Two months full of meetings and discoveries for me and my family. These meetings led to many interesting reflections about maternity and family life I have not thought about before… I have not mentioned it anywhere… Just before the trip, in the beginning of July I lost a baby. The loss happened at a very early gestational stage – 6 weeks of pregnancy. For some of you it may seem insignificant tiny loss. It wasn’t like that for me. Especially that about a month later my husband and I made a decision not to have any more children. It felt like a double loss for me. I made several attempts to write a blog post about it with a goal to raise an awareness about the delicate and complicated matter of the subject but couldn’t finish it. Heavy thoughts paralized my fingers. After a few days of struggle I decided to let it go and just say what I have said so far and stop there. I slowed down during last month trying to give myself more time to process my loss (time I didn’t have during my trip). I feel much better now. And I’m so eternally grateful that my husband was able to listen to me, understand me, accept me and surround me with love and healing care I needed so much during this difficult time in my life. I needed to say that.

My head is full of ideas for projects, articles, posts… but even wonderful testimonials of my clients are still waiting to be published. I’m grateful to those of you who are patiently waiting for my webinars and workshops for birth professionals. I plan to do them but most likely next year. At the moment I’m working on the materials to launch my first birth preparation course for pregnant women. I’m preparing materials in Russian, Spanish and English as inspired. I’m also working on deepening my coaching skills while studying with a nonviolent communication (NVC) coach from the Netherlands. I’m thinking every day how to include the NVC knowledge in my course for pregnant women and look forward to give my NVC course for birth practitioners again one day. At the moment I’m concerned about my website though. I’m not satisfied with its look. I have found a new platform for it. However, if someone has an idea how to do a redesign faster and in a more efficient way, I’d be happy to listen. For the moment I will focus on my website redesign and my first course creation. I’m also happy to serve a few clients looking for a private birth education and doula support as well as birth practitioners looking for a nonviolent communication coaching. If you are interested to learn more about my services lookup for my services on my website or contact me directly.