Healing found in a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C-section)

Couple of days ago I attended childbirth as a doula for the first time. What an incredible delight to see not just the birth of a new human being but to witness the appearance of confidence in a woman with an earlier traumatic birth via cesarean, that she can now give birth to a baby herself! The words can’t describe what IFirst Time Doula saw in her eyes: her happiness, her sense of accomplishment, how much it meant to her to have this experience and how healing it was for her. Unfortunately, in our society, even among doctors, the two most popular opinions are that after a caesarean there can only be another caesarean, or to have a successful VBAC it is necessary that the births are separated by at least two years. The baby born yesterday in front of my eyes disproved these myths again.

Welcome to the world, little Lotan! Congratulations to the amazing family! Thank you for the honor of being your doula, for trusting me in helping you along this challenging journey, and giving me the opportunity to witness this miracle of birth, your transformation and happiness.Lotan's family

I hope that this story empowers those of you who are looking for a similar experience. Share it with friends for whom this information can be useful and encourage them to learn more about the places where, like in this story, they could obtain a VBAC. If you decide to experience it in Guatemala, I recommend Centro Integral de Parto Natural Ixchel, where little Lotan was born.

October 23, 2016


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