Happy New Year 2020!

Happy new year!Happy new year, my dear follower! The year 2019 was full of challenges and surprises for me. I met so many sharp and unpredictable turns on my journey that many of the things I had planned were left unrealized. I have not realized even half of what I intended and barely showed up in social media. To my horror, I didn’t also manage to write down my results and plans for the next year. You will see them in my closest posts. As for now, I would like to express my intention to be more in touch with YOU and start sharing more knowledge. So, here is my gift for you: this January, I will do 2 Instagram lives in every language I serve – English, Spanish, and Russian. I will answer any of your questions about Ecstatic Birth preparation and conflict resolution in the birth context. Both, expectant mothers and birth practitioners are welcome! So, let me know what questions you would like me to answer first in the comments below, invite your friends to follow me on Instagram so they could benefit from these talks too and hop in for Instagram live in English on Friday, January 10th at 10am and/or 4pm to learn the answers! Check out with @birthwithpleasure_ru and @birthwithpleasure_es for Instagram lives scheduled in Russian or Spanish if one of them is your primary language.

As about my New Year’s wish for you, it is closely related to the photo you see. This Christmas, I realized a dream I had been dreaming about for 10 years! I had a dolphin encounter in the ocean! I wish you during the next decade and as long as you can: make your most sacred and exciting dreams come true, keep having fun, create ecstatic moments every day and reach for happier thoughts no matter how hard it seems at times! Because that’s the only thing that really matters – our experience in life is all about how we feel. Our feelings affect us on every level in life – our health, our relationship with ourselves and others, our capacity to focus, be productive, and make this world a better place. Happy New Year 2020!

PS. I look forward to hearing your questions for Instagram lives!