It felt like a historical moment…

Our with Sheila Kamara Hay webinar “Ecstatic Birth: Emergence of a New Culture” geared to Russian birth practitioners last Friday was amazing! It felt like a historical moment… I was blown away by the fact that we got nearly 200 registrants for the very first webinar I organized in my life! And among those 45 people that showed up live there were people all over the world. My best friends were there, my whole NVC class, and even person I unfriended 10 years ago… (gee.. isn’t it a great measure of success when even your “enemies” secretly follow and watch your success??”) and the most amazing thing was that we were watched live by one of the most famous and influential doulas in Russia Natasha Tomilina! She has a team of doulas working for her, and has nearly 10.000 followers on her instagram account where she showed up live next day to tell her audience about new things she learned from us!! By the way, she also offered Sheila and I to be the organizer of our events when we visit Moscow in a couple of years! 🎉🎉 Moreover, I created first ever Russian facebook groups to Ecstatic birth: one for expectant mothers who want to have an ecstatic birth experience, and another for birth practitioners who want to connect with like minded colleagues and learn more about who to support women in their journey of preparation to ecstatic birth; both of the groups have a steady daily growth in the number of members… (close to 40 members in each of them right now without me actively promoting them at all). And our post webinar poll showed up a great interest of birth practitioners in our paid classes in the future, including in 12 months Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training once it is fully translated into Russian!! I am so happy to see how things unfold and will be glad to provide you more details when the time i right…  Feel so honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with you Sheila Kamara Hay, doing this important work in the World! ❤️

December 15, 2018

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