My favorite moment in the ecstatic birth of my son

Ekaterina with her sonToday my little son Rafael turned 2 and of course thinking about it brings me to the memories of his birth! His birth was full of pleasant, mystical and even funny moments. It was amazing and truly ecstatic! It was my second birth and just like the first one it took place at home. I almost didn’t worry about anything… I say almost because almost the whole time – from the first contraction to almost the end I was sewing a pajama for a doll of my daughter. It is funny to think about it now but at those moment it seemed to me very logical that this doll pajama that looked so similar to a pajama of my son will magically help my daughter to fall in love with her brother and accept him as a new member of our family. 🙂

My daughter actually loves her brother very much, but I wonder sometimes if making those pajama played any role in it at all. 🙂 Anyway, by the time the pajama was ready, put on the doll and presented to my daughter, the waves of contractions were coming 3 minutes apart… For some reason I thought I was still having a lot of time. So my husband and I went through my list of pleasurable things that I had planned for this birth and tried to fulfill at least some of my desires… Oh, how naive I was… 🙂 I will skip a few details here for a video story I plan to make some day next year. To make story short, we planned to take a video of various moments during this birth including the birth itself, but all we managed to film was a few moments with me dancing… After that everything happened so quickly that we didn’t have time to film anything else!

Our midwife got stuck in traffic and came 40 minutes after my son was born. I should also mention that during this pregnancy at least 3 times I saw a dream where I was giving birth easily, with joy and pleasure but completely alone. It felt like there were people in the house but none of them was in the room with me as I was birthing… and I barely managed to prevent it from happening in reality!

Ekaterina with her son and daughter right after birthMy husband and I wanted our daughter (that was 2.5-years-old at that moment) to witness the birth of her brother, and we carefully prepared her for that (how and why – that is a story for another post). In short, when my husband sensed that the baby would be born soon, he asked me if I wanted him to go to invite our daughter that was playing with her nanny in another room. He already turned towards the door with an intent to leave as I surprised him with an answer: “No time, the head is out, grab the camera!” And I had to repeat it twice as he couldn’t believe his ears!! 🙂 A few moments later our son was born. He was born in an inflatable spa, into my own hands, just as I dreamt about. But more than anything I LOVE and ADORE to remember the moment when the head of my son was already out but his body was still inside me. I couldn’t see him, but carefully, in awe and with curiosity of a blind person in love I was touching his head that was still in a sac, his little ears, little nose, trying to “see” him through the sensations of my fingers… I’m pretty sure this moment was not long at all, but it was so incredible both on the physical and emotional levels that it felt like at this very moment time had stopped for me. And I remember this moment in such a detail as some probably remember their first kiss… Up to the moment, when I look at my son, remembering this moment and the moment when our eyes met for the first time, I’m melting in a huge smile… Did you ever have a moment like this, a moment or moments in birth you remember with so much tenderness and joy? Tell us about them in the comments below or send me your ecstatic birth story to my email and let me know if I could post it in my blog, adding it to the collection of the ecstatic birth stories I’m creating for future mothers! Let’s create this collection together, so more women could see that birth with pleasure and joy is possible! Meanwhile I will go to celebrate the birthday of my son. My only goal till the rest of the day is to tickle, cuddle and enjoy the time with my 2-year-old miracle and his sister!

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December 28, 2018

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