Doula for Free: Short Time Offer – Only for those whose due date in October 2016.

doulaforfree1Dear friends,

this year I leant a new beautiful profession – I became a doula, a professional supporter of women in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. While doula is not a medical profession and can’t do any clinical tasks, they are known to help women achieve more satisfying birth experience. Doulas help women not just to cope with their worries and alleviate pain in birth, but recognize the sacredness of the moment for you and make sure that everything is done so you remember of the birth of your child with joy. If you would like to know more about what doulas do and check the scientific facts about benefits of having one at your birth, have a look at the page I created just for you here.

As I am working on my final certification, I have a special offer for my first clients in October 2016 – I will provide my doula services for free! These services include 1 to 3 prenatal consultations, support during birth time, and one postnatal visit. To see what we can do in each of these meetings and how exactly I can help you in birth, please, see my doula services page or just call my number and arrange a personal meeting!

If you have a pregnant friend in Guatemala with due date in October – please, let her know about this opportunity – she might be very grateful!

P.S. My offer is time sensitive since I am pregnant myself and need a little rest before my second baby is born. I will serve as a doula again once my baby is big enough to stay without breast milk for a few hours (probably not until he is 6 months old) or special circumstances allow me to do so.

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September 23, 2016

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