DANCE CONTEST from the creator of Orgasmic Birth documentary with a little teaser from me. 

Here are a few magic moments from the birth of my son Rafael. Nearly the only moments we managed to film from everything I have planned for those birth… and I had a looong list of things to enjoy during that birth. Dancing was one of those planned pleasures!

How about you? Did you know that movement and exercise has been shown to correlate to better birth outcomes? Plus dancing in birth is a wonderful, Orgasmic way to ease your baby out in the most pleasurable way possible. This month my mentor and the creator of the Orgasmic Birth movie Debra Pascali-Bonaro decided to organize a contest with a slogan “Dance for the rights of every MotherBaby-Family around the globe!” By participating in this contest you can win prizes from amazing sponsors standing up for the birth rights of moms and babies around the world. Among them are: Pain to Power, Dancing for Birth, Spinning Babies, OMGYES, Daring to RestHypnobubs, and many others.

To participate in the contest:

1. Download the Baby Raggaeton soundtrack created specially for that contest here.

2. Downloaded the track? Start dancing!

3. Create a video of you and whomever you choose (just yourself, a group of friends, your partner, your kiddos, your mama – whoever wants to dance with you!). You can create your own dance, or try out our sample moves here. Anyone can dance, with our without a bump, together we are all #dancingforbirthrights

4. Post your video on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag @Orgasmic Birth + #Danceforbirthrights #OrgasmicBirth
Creators of the videos with the biggest number of views will receive prizes!

BONUS: email the video to Debra Pascali-Bonaro to so that she can add it to her dance compilation

Find other videos of the contest using #Danceforbirthrights #OrgasmicBirth and share those on your feed too! Help us make this contest viral by sharing, reposting and yes DANCING!

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