Coaching for Birth Practitioners

Dear Birth Practitioner,

Each of us from time to time feels stuck and need support. I have a way to support you.

I have a university degree in psychology from Russia and MA in Communication Studies from the U.S. I’m also a Nonviolent Communication trainer, that has done workshops on Nonviolent Communication for doulas in Russia and led 8 month Nonviolent Communication Practice Group for doulas in Russia last year. To see what my clients think about my coaching scroll down the page.

Our coaching sessions may focus on:

  • Working with fears interfering with your practice. For instance, you want to talk to your clients about sexuality in birth but is afraid of…. [fill in the blank]
  • Practical tips on how to stop judging clients, their partners or other birth workers and create a helpful connection and collaboration in a place where one could expect a conflict (skills missing among many birth practitioners)
  • Learning how to shorten the moments of irritation or even anger and transform them into a life serving communication style in situations like when you tell clients about ecstatic birth but they do everything not to make it happen, or when your clients or other birth practitioners in the birth room say something that put you out of your emotional balance.
  • Working with resistance to pleasure like when you want to have sex with your partner but don’t do it, or when you would like to do sensual body practices offered by Sheila Kamara Hay in her Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training but find every excuse not to do them.
  • Technical business skills. For instance: how to record my own meditations, create my own event bunners, a cute memorable postcard for your clients etc…

As a result of my coaching you may:

  • learn an effective way to process your negative emotions, thus reducing the time spent in negative emotions, resolving conflicts faster, and spending more time living productive life.
  • learn how to ask what you need in a way that increases your chances to receive a positive answer (often needed in the hospital birth setting full of rigid protocols)
  • learn how to say no in a way that it is less likely to provoke irritation or touch feelings of others (also may be needed in the hospital settings)
  • get less triggered by evaluations and judgemental comments of others as you will learn to see their human needs behind their unpleasant words.
  • gain emotional freedom and higher emotional independence from other people by learning the true cause of our feelings.
  • have more fun in running your birth business.

Where will we have the sessions? I use zoom for the sessions. So, when we decide about the time when we meet, I can send you a link to a zoom meeting. The session will be recorded and uploaded to unlisted section of my youtube channel so you can always go back to it and listen to it again. Unlisted means that people can’t discover it unless they have an exact link to it.

How long one coaching session will last? I suggest that our session lasts an hour / 1 hour 30 minutes (maximum), so neither of us is overwhelmed. And we talk only about 1 situation/issue per session.

What will happen during the session?

  1. We will start and finish with a simple guided meditation that will help us ground ourselves and may help you discover something useful in the process.
  2. In between these meditation the session will look more or less like a normal conversation. I can either explain you the basics of NVC process, answer your questions, or I could just give you an empathy session that would ease your pain around your situation and bring you insights through the discovery process we will do together. You will talk, I will ask you questions, you will answer, I ask more questions and so on… I may comment on why I ask my questions and why I find it important so you could understand how I apply the NVC process, so you could also learn how to apply it on your own in any situation when you receive a message that upsets you.
  3. If this is not enough and we are running out of time, we might do a role play where I will play you and you will play the role of your client or any person who did something you didn’t like. I role model a possible interaction for you that may restore the desired connection and understanding between you and your conflict partner. Or in a case of an inner conflict, when one side of us wants something, and another is criticizing it, I will play a role of one of your “sides”. It could be any of this approaches or a combination of them depending on what is needed most in the moment.

As a result of a coaching you will:

  • gain clarity around your situation as about why this situation is happening the way it is
  • feel sense an emotional relief
  • find insights/inspiration as about how to continue in a positive way
  • learn new communication skills

How much will it cost? I won’t charge you anything for your first session (limited time offer!). If you like it then we can continue for USD$40 per session. I’m also open for a group coaching sessions where you can invite your friends/colleagues with similar issues to reduce the price per person.

Do I need to prepare anything before the session? Giving me an idea about the situation/issue ahead of time is definitely helpful, but is not necessary. There is no other preparation needed.

Do I need to know the basics of NVC before the session? It is helpful but isn’t really necessary. You will start learning NVC skills immediately in the session while working on your problem. Practice helps to remember things much more effectively than any theory.

Will I learn Nonviolent Communication Approach in one session? I can’t promise you will learn how to apply NVC in one session. It is a process that needs practice, effort, and guidance. Same as any language. But each session will deepen your understanding of the process and will strengthen your skills.

Important to note: NVC is a process and language designed to improve compassionate connection with others, releasing our natural capacity to give from the heart. So if your goal is improving any relationship or your ability to support and to give, this is a great place to be. However, if your goal is to convince somebody in something or get something you want through manipulating someone into a certain decision, this approach will not work for you.

Let me know if you have any more questions and write to me to book your first session!

What my clients think about my coaching:

Diana Panina“I’m grateful for our practice group and your guidance. I became much calmer, because I gained confidence, clarity, and was capable to start resolving some of the current conflicts in my life. I was able to look at everything from a different angle – in other words, I broadened my horizons. Navigating in the professional situations became much easier. Moreover, I am especially glad that I learnt about existence of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. It wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for you, Ekaterina Baranova. I am grateful that we met and for your work – for the detailed comments to the results of our tests and homework. Sometimes I was even irritated by them, but it allowed me to learn more consciously and thoughtfully. I actually went through a journey from some kind of doubts and suspicion to you, to respect and admiration for the consistency of your work and your ability to lead the group and give empathy. For me it was very important to accept the fact that I can respect you, learn from you, sometimes just to admire you, to be open to what we have in common while letting go the differences. I wasn’t disappointed!” Diana Panina, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Novosibirsk, Russia


Anna Kanninen

“My warm and empathic teacher, with a big admiration and respect I was observing how you work with new opinions. You did not reject them but rather deeply analyzed them and improved on something. I thought “what a computer her brain is!” Every time you were reflecting on something, it resulted in a sintesis of something new entering life in an organic way. I didn’t have any deep conflicts in my life during the time frame of the practice group. The exception is the situation with my mom. But even then you taught me how to bring a change through communication with myself using NVC principles. I felt more unity with many of my old friends, we became closer and started understanding each other better. Thank you for your example of hard work, mindfulness, attention, keenness and positivity you radiate through your work. Learning from you was much bigger for me than just learning NVC. It was getting out from my comfort zone and meeting the unknown, exploring myself, finding deep understanding and self-acceptance, and having a support circle. I would love to take your NVC course once again when I’m not pregnant because I know that my brain would work differently. I believe that one day, Ekaterina, your name will be famous and we all will be proud that had an honor to be with you and learn from you!” Anna Kanninen, Postpartum doula and Prenatal Yoga instructor, Helsinki, Finland


Anastasia Sarnikova“I started using NVC principles telling pregnant ladies about how they could have a positive dialogue with doctors that are creating pressure about any decision during their pregnancy or birth. And here is a message I received today: “Hi Anastasia! If it wasn’t for the birth preparation classes you give, and those experience and knowledge you share with us, I don’t even know what I would end up experiencing this morning! I probably would end up staying in the hospital being stimulated at 39 weeks with who knows what outcomes for me and my treasure… I understand that their true motives is security, and they think that my pregnancy is full term. Usually in life I’m not a kind person, I may be aggressive. But because of you and how you explained us things, I managed to cope with my anger, find a constructive way to talk to my doctor and go home keeping a good relationship with my doctor. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!” It is such a pleasure to hear a message like that! I will send everyone to learn from you, Ekaterina!” Anastasia Sarnikova, Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator, Perm, Russia