The Birth of Mariposa

Dan and Katerina Morin next to their RV It seems like human history has been divided into before and after COVID. Many think that our life is a dystopian movie that suddenly became a reality. But we are not powerless beings. My husband and I cannot stand aside and watch the world falling apart while having the talent to do something about it. We want our children to have the best opportunities in life and live in a world where freedom of speech is respected…

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Sex after Baby

The cover of The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Baby Sexuality is a vital part of life. A true deep connection with it realigns us with our spirit, it heals us on every possible level, it evokes creative energy and makes us unstoppable in making our dreams a reality. Tapping into our sexuality in birth creates an amazing and powerful entry for a human being into this world. Every year since I ever started my journey as an Orgasmic/Ecstatic Birth movement activist (2011), I discover more and more…

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September 1, 2020

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