“Bringing Joy into Labor” Workshop

bunner_bringjoyinlaborWe are led to think about birth as a painful event we have to survive through. We often tend to be afraid and tense up just thinking of it. However, nobody tells us the simple truth – the way we feel at birth influence the outcome of our birth itself. Fears prolong labor and make it more painful, love and joy does the opposite. Besides, don’t you want to remember the birth of your child with joy? Well, to remember it with joy, you might want to learn how to experience it with joy.

You are invited to “Bringing Joy into Labor” workshop, where you are going to learn what role emotions play in physiology of birth, how to cope with your fears, how you can bring joy in birth environment in your unique way and do a little artwork that may empower you for a better birth experience. In the end of the event, we will have a bit of time for questions and answers with your teacher, Ekaterina Baranova, who has also just started working as a doula and is about to become a mother to her second child.

Time: October 19, 2016, start at 6pm

Place: Centro Integral de Parto Natural Ixche, 24 calle 15–22, zona 13, Ciudad de Guatemala.

Price: Q30 per person

Registration: Please, let me know if you are planning to come via a short message to email: katerina@birthwithpleasure.com with “workshop” in the subject.

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September 24, 2016

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