Online Consultations

Consulting onlineIf you are pregnant but don’t live in Guatemala, I offer online consultations and virtual doula support. Virtual doula support includes most of the doula services besides physical support and presence at your birth.
During online consultations we can:
• Create your birth plan
• Debrief your previous birth experiences and discuss how to minimize the effect of past traumas in the upcoming birth
• Talk about your fears and find ways to minimize their influence on your birth process (it can be not only fear of pain in labor, but any other fears such as fear of being a bad mother, fear of hospital staff, fear of not being able to do it yourself etc. Any of these fears can slow down or even stop the labor; increasing chances for medical interventions).
• I can also answer your questions or we can talk about:
— birth physiology and how it is connected with your emotions
— how to minimize painful sensations in labor
— how to give birth with pleasure or have an orgasmic birth
— how optimize fetal position for faster labor
— what tricks your partner can use to give you maximum comfort in labor
— what you need to know about hospital protocols in case of birth in hospital setting
— how to get the most positive experience in case of caesarean birth
— particularities of home birth and what can be useful to have at hand
— trends and useful techniques in birth: water birth, hypnobirthing, dancing for birth
— how to have a good start in breastfeeding (basic information)
— how to make sure you have enough support in your postpartum
• It is also possible to have online consultations after birth. During that type of consultation we can debrief your birth experience to minimize risks of postpartum depression, and talk about questions related to breastfeeding and life with your newborn.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!